Mechanic Code: Oil Changes & Classic Cars

Mechanic Code: Oil Changes & Classic Cars
Cooke's Garage owner, David Cooke, takes pride in honest auto repair in Rocky Mount, NC.

Cooke’s Garage owner, David Cooke, takes pride in honest auto repair.

A mechanic, and often anyone in the auto repair industry, can easily get slapped with that stereotype that strikes fear in the hearts women and has been known to make grown men cry. Rocky Mount, we want to take a stand and let you know that not everyone who works in a garage is dishonest. A good mechanic will have a code, and we believe in it wholly: it doesn’t matter what brings you through our doors. We will be honest, we will be fair, and we will be just as careful with the oil change on your grocery-getter as will be installing a transmission into your restored classic car.

What makes us that way? Well, we were raised to have some integrity, for one thing. But beyond that, we know business, and business is only as good as your reputation. So we have two important reasons to place as much value on the little things like oil changes and tire rotation as on the bigger jobs we love, like custom exhaust or installing a new engine in a classic muscle car. We want to feel proud of our work, and we want you to tell your friends that we did a good job and never tried to sneak extra money out of your wallet.

From oil changes to classic car work, we've got you covered for your mechanic search in Rocky Mount.

From oil changes to classic car work, we’ve got you covered in Rocky Mount.

Rocky Mount is home to us. Cooke’s Garage is, too, so our code is treat our neighbors and customers right by doing honest work. We do a lot of it! Basic maintenance is a staple of any auto repair shop: staying on top of your fluids, giving your car a little TLC, and checking for signs of new problems sneaking up all just part of a normal day. We enjoy bigger projects, too, and custom work is always welcome. We stay up-to-date with the technologies of newer cars and can run diagnostics on them easily.

So, if you’ve never been to see us, give us a call! And if you can already vouch for us, please tell a friend or leave us a good review on our Google page and Yelp. We want to spread the word that we do have a code of honor. Maybe that makes us old-school, but that’s okay!

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