Oil Changes

oil-change-rocky-mount-ncOil Change

Rocky Mount NC

A vital step to keeping your car or truck in great condition is regularly-scheduled oil changes. Unlike other shops in Rocky Mount and across the US, here at Cooke’s Garage we make use of the time your vehicle is in our care. Our goal is quality, not quantity.

We do not run an assembly line of oil change customers to get you in and out at lightening speed. We can be brief, however, our goal is to include an overall inspection during your oil change. This enables us to discover any mechanical issues, or signs of future problems, and let you know about them. Next, we will be honest about how dire your car’s issues really are. We will never push you to do repairs or buy parts that are not needed. However, we feel that you should know about any problems that you have now or problems that you will have 6-12 months from now, so that you can plan for them. Our goal is to relieve you of any surprises about your vehicle… unless they are good surprises, of course!