The Search for an Honest Mechanic

Custom Exhaust Pipes - Cooke's Garage - Rocky Mount NCWe have a long history in Rocky Mount, NC as an auto repair shop. Over the years, we’ve learned lessons, some the hard way, about what our customers value the most. Sure, having a positive attitude and fair pricing are all valuable to customers looking for a mechanic in Rocky Mount. However, the one thing that stands tallest among the others is honesty.

In the decades since the founding of Cooke’s Garage, we’ve seen other businesses fail when they started valuing the almighty dollar more than their own integrity. An example of this would be encouraging customers to repair things on their car or truck that really don’t need it yet. Or turning a small problem into a bigger one, just to create more revenue for themselves. This is wrong. Customers aren’t dumb, and they usually catch on very quickly.

We are proud to have experienced true, original growth by word-of-mouth as a result of simply being honest and doing good work. We will give an real assessment of what repairs your car needs now and what repairs can wait. No fluff, no bologna. Honesty and customer loyalty are much more valuable to us than a few more bucks on any one job. We’re in this for the long haul.

Let’s face it. Mechanics are kind of like dentists and hair stylists, once you find a good one, it’s best to hang on to them for dear life! Stop by or give us a call. We’d like to be your next, and last, mechanic.

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